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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Marriage proposal through a game hack

Throughout the history man invented many different ways to ask a woman to marry him. Others jump off planes, others get to their knees, other do it in a sports matches while others find more novel ways. The weirdest and definitely the most skillful and geeky way though took place a few days ago.

A guy hacked the game his girlfriend was playing and added a whole new level. In that level his soon to be wife met a knight who confessed his love to her and proposed (what?). I am sure she did not see this coming! Talk about weird stuff. For the history the proposal was made using Chrono Trigger the old SNES classic rpg game. One thing that puzzles me though is how the hell his girlfriend was playing that game. Anyways, kudos to the man for the novelty the skill and the effort. If you are curious about what actually happened in that specific game level, watch the video.

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