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Thursday, January 14, 2010

We live in the future: Mega-Corporation vs Super Power

The last couple of days have been witnesses to something that was only possible in William Gibson stories. Those stories spoke about a future where mega-corporations would be as powerful as states and would be at war with the world's Super Powers. If that is the case, then we live in the future. That is the only way I can perceive the bomb Google dropped on China a couple of days ago.

The story is simple. Google gets hacked, with what is saying was a very sophisticated way, last month. Google says that the target was the accounts and data of numerous Chinese activists. In addition said that numerous other IT targets were hit for more information. What Google does not say directly but strongly suggests is that behind the attacks was the Chinese State itself! Basically China, the country, attacked Google. Google being certain of this declared that it is closing down its Chinese office (like withdrawing their ambassador), stops all operations in China (like pulling out all investments and money) and finally stops censoring search engine results from Chinese IP addresses (Google was had agreed with China to censor anything the Chinese government thought it was threatening to the state. Thus Google basically attacks the Chinese disinformation operation).

This is all very exciting. A country(superpower basically) attacks a mega-corporation, the mega-corporation is pissed off and retaliates and finally the country fights back. WooHoo. Whats next? Robotic cops? VR cubes in our houses? Cables sticking out of our necks? Prosthetic arms that can interface with our computer? We live in exciting times!


Raxxit said...

you're insane if you don't see how that could be a bad sign, google is perhaps still not evil, but can you imagine if a company could buy away your rights? When one forms a state? Exciting times, yes, but not perhaps so wonderful

mastorak said...

You probably misunderstood my excitement. When you 've seen films and played games and read books about how evil mega corporations in a cyberpunk setting rule the world in a distopian future and you realize that this future is not so far ahead then it is the equivalent of Sauron declaring war on EU. Something imaginary exiting only in fiction becomes a reality. Of course nobody would love that future. Personally i prefer dressed up in white robes and flying zeppelins above a country of funny looking people and japanese babes..a final fantasy type of utpian future... :-)

Anonymous said...

Precisely why I try to keep my data diversified and not all under Google's simple unified interface. All because of the simple, yet disturbing question that is, "What if Google gets hacked?"

Anna Schafer said...

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Matias said...

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