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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fallout 3 is out! Wasteland here we come..

The long awaited sequel to the famous post apocalyptic franchise is out and it is every bit as good as all wanted it to be. Prepare yourselves to wander for one more time into the wasteland. The game surpasses expectations and retains the open ended gameplay nature of its predecessors, Oblivion style. Fortunately the skills are gained in a normal fashion and not like the way Morrowind or Oblivion had as do. Not necessarily a bad way, but most of the gamers bore themselves to death doing one thing over and over again just to gain a new skill level.

The battles can be played at real time but the player can stop the action at any point to issue new commands. Gameplay as it is usual for Bethesda games ensures that anyone can dive into the world and easily stay there for more than a hundred hours without giving much thought to the main quest. Gamespy has posted a detailed fallout 3 review. Now, go get your guns and socialize with mutants.

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