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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nintendo sees (yet again) shortages of Wii console this Christmas

In what can only be described as 3rd time dejavu, Nintendo announced that they might not be able to keep up with the market demand for Wii this Christmas. The same thing happened last Christmas and the year before that. Taking into consideration that we are at the end of October, Nintendo probably wants to start the holiday season early this year. I mean, come on, you pulled that 2 years in a row and you will probably pull that a third time now. This will be yet another (successful) attempt to increase the hype about the console.

Wii is an excellent innovative console that has sold more units that PS3 and XBOX360 combined. Yes, the market demand is high, but Nintendo is gaining more on building momentum than misses on sales due to lack of units on the shelves. It shows to potential buyers that the console is so damn good that they barely can get one for themselves. Nintendo announced that have increased by 33% their console production so the problem will not be as big as last year. At the moment all good online retailers have no problem moving the boxes and I seriously doubt they will during the Christmas period, so, do not rush into it, if you were planning to buy the console in a month.

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