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Friday, October 24, 2008

New Prince of Persia: Developer diaries

Prince of Persia franchise has always been one of my favorite video game series. Since the original Prince of Persia game back in 1989 that wrote its own history, the franchise has gone a long way with one epic trilogy that has ended, and a new one starting up. Ubisoft Montreal has reveled the last couple of months various aspects of the new game and how it will be different from the previous installments.

The new game will consist of a free roaming and an open combat system. These two features alone is major departure from the previous games. According the the developers themselves the combat system splays like much like a beat 'em u game like Soul Calibur and he player is free to do the desired combos, block enemy attacks and so on. The free roaming world will consist of various big cities that the player is free to check in whatever order he/she wants.

The previous games were linear to play. The game would walk you from one level to the next and follow a certain path. In addition despite the fact that the player had the ability to perform many moves these were choreographed and reenacted for you depending more on your position to the enemy(ies) and less to the combo you performed. Now its all up to you.

The art direction seems to be different than the previous games that were very dark (much to my liking). It now seems to go in par with each city's scenery (not that it does not have its dark moment, or pitch black alleys and dodgy rooftops.) I guess we will have to wait and see.

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