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What Does Hide Alerts Mean: Understanding Your Notification Settings

Hide Alerts is a feature on the iPhone (for iMessage) that allows users to manage their notifications within the Messages app. When you enable Hide Alerts for a specific conversation, you won’t receive pop-up notifications or sounds for new messages in that thread. This feature is useful when you want to mute a non-urgent conversation without missing out on important messages. The Messages app is a key communication tool on the iPhone, used by millions daily to connect with friends, family, and colleagues. Hide Alerts allows you to take a break from constant group chat notifications or to discreetly silence a chat without alerting other participants. New messages will still arrive in the conversation, but they won’t disturb you unless you choose to open the Messages app and check them manually.

If You Hide Alerts On iPhone Can They See?

When you hide alerts for a specific conversation on your iPhone, it stops notifications for that conversation only. Your phone will still buzz for other messages and calls. The person you’re messaging won’t get a notification that you’ve hidden alerts. They also won’t see any visual indication within the conversation.

How to Hide Alerts

To hide alerts for a specific conversation, open the Messages app and find the conversation. Tap the contact’s name or number at the top, then tap the “info” button. Scroll down and toggle on “Hide Alerts.” You can also swipe left on the conversation in the Messages list and tap the “Alerts” button.

What Happens When You Hide Alerts

NotificationsYou won’t get sound or vibration alerts for new messages in that conversation.
Messages AppA crescent moon icon will appear next to the conversation in the Messages list.
Lock ScreenYou won’t see previews of new messages from that conversation on your lock screen.

Unhiding Alerts

To unhide alerts, follow the same steps as hiding them, but toggle “Hide Alerts” off. The crescent moon icon will disappear, and you’ll start receiving notifications again.


Hiding alerts is a personal setting that affects only your device. The person you’re messaging won’t be notified or see any changes on their end.

Key Takeaways

  • Hide Alerts silence notifications for individual message threads.
  • This feature is accessible on the iPhone within the Messages app.
  • New messages arrive without alerting the user when Hide Alerts is on.

Understanding Hide Alerts on iPhone

iPhone users have the option to silence notifications from individual conversations in the Messages app. This function, known as “Hide Alerts,” helps manage the influx of messages without adjusting global notification settings.

Enabling Hide Alerts

To enable Hide Alerts for a conversation, swipe left on a chat in the Messages app and tap the bell icon. On devices with iOS version 6 or later, this option is straightforward to activate. For those with facial recognition like iPhone X or newer, you can also open the conversation, tap on the contact’s name, and toggle on the Hide Alerts feature.

Effect of Muting Conversations

When Hide Alerts is active for a conversation, the user will not receive pop-up notifications or alerts in the Notification Center from that individual or group chat. The conversation remains accessible in the inbox, and a crescent moon icon will appear next to it to indicate alerts for the conversation are muted.

Distinguishing Features in iOS

The iOS interface allows users to manage notifications efficiently. While the Hide Alerts feature focuses on silencing notifications for specific conversations, it differs from disabling app notifications through the settings app, which affects all incoming messages. Users can mute both individual and group conversations to maintain a more organized and distraction-free inbox.

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