Final Fantasy VII

Tifa Jack O Statue: Overview

The Tifa Lockhart Jack-O Statue is catching the attention of Final Fantasy VII fans around the world. This limited edition 1/4 scale resin statue shows Tifa in a striking Jack-O pose. It’s available in standard and luxury versions, and there are different brands offering it like EA Studio and NL Studio. Prices range from $526.99 to $857.99, not including shipping costs. The limited availability of the statue makes it especially appealing, but it’s important for international buyers to consider shipping costs and availability before making the purchase. Understanding the final price before buying is essential to have a smooth transaction and get this highly sought-after collectible.

Overview of Tifa Lockhart Statue

The Tifa Lockhart statue, particularly the Jack-O version, has gained widespread attention due to its detailed craftsmanship and cultural resonance. This section will examine its product specifications, availability, purchase options, and cultural significance.

Product Specifications

The Tifa Jack-O Statue is a 1/4 scale resin figure. It measures approximately 36 cm in height, 36 cm in width, and 41 cm in depth. The statue showcases Tifa in the iconic Jack-O pose, rendered with high attention to detail.

This item is limited to a production run of 298 pieces which enhances its exclusivity. The material used is high-quality resin, making it both durable and visually striking. The weight is substantial, giving it a sense of presence and stability.

These product specifics highlight why many collectors find this item appealing. The limited production run and quality materials ensure that each statue is a prized addition to any collection.

Availability and Purchase Options

The Tifa Jack-O Statue is currently in stock, with varying prices generally ranging from $526.99 to $534.99. Some vendors offer different purchase options, including pre-orders and deposits to secure a piece.

For instance, people can find the statue on websites like FavorGK, where different versions and features may be available. Descriptions often mention standard and advanced versions, including specialized options with exchangeable parts.

Shipping costs are calculated separately, and it’s usually necessary to email the vendor for specific shipping quotes. Payment options are varied, providing flexibility for potential buyers.

Cultural Impact and Significance

The Tifa Jack-O Statue draws on both Final Fantasy VII and the Jack-O pose, popularized through the game Guilty Gear Strive. It resonates with fans due to the blend of nostalgic elements and modern meme culture.

This statue not only serves as a collectible item but also as a conversation piece. It intertwines two beloved gaming franchises, elevating its appeal across different fan bases.

Collectors value this statue for its unique pose and detailed replication of Tifa, a beloved character from the Final Fantasy series. It embodies a mix of artistry and pop culture convergence, making it a highly sought-after item.

International Purchasing and Shipping Details

When buying the Tifa Jack-O statue internationally, it’s important to understand the costs, shipping procedures, and customs processes involved. Here are crucial details to consider:

Costs and Fees for International Buyers

International buyers need to account for several fees, including the item’s price, shipping costs, and any potential customs duties or taxes. For example, purchasing from eBay with SpeedPAK Standard shipping can cost $199.99. Additionally, there may be import duties, taxes, and brokerage fees depending on the destination country. Buyers should check the specific fees applicable in their region to avoid surprises.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping this statue often comes with extended handling times, especially for international orders. For instance, shipments from Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, may take more than 10 business days before departing. Delivery estimates from platforms like eBay range from 10 to 15 days post dispatch. Always review the estimated delivery times provided by the seller and account for possible delays.

Customs and Importation

Purchases from international sellers such as those on eBay might be subject to customs processing. At customs, items are inspected, which can lead to delays. Shipped goods are valued for customs purposes, affecting potential import duties. Buyers should track their shipments and be prepared for customs fees or additional documentation. Keeping in touch with the seller can also help navigate any issues that arise during customs clearance.