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Monopoly GO Cheats: Top Strategies Unveiled

Monopoly GO provides an engaging experience that captivates players with its competitive edge. If you’re a fan of the game, you’re probably looking for ways to gain an advantage, and cheats are often a topic of discussion in player communities. While some players use tips and strategies to legally improve their gameplay, others may seek shortcuts to obtain free dice rolls or other in-game advantages. Understanding the risks and potential consequences of using such cheats is essential for a fair play experience.

Using verified methods to obtain free dice rolls can enhance your game without risking your account. Sources like Super Cheats and Gamer Tweak suggest legitimate ways to gain extra rolls through official channels or gameplay tactics. However, it’s vital to steer clear of hacks or unauthorized cheats that could lead to account bans. Keeping your game safe means being informed about what’s allowed within the game’s rules.

It’s always better to rely on your skill and available legal tips to thrive in Monopoly GO. Methods like using in-game events can be rewarding without compromising the integrity of your experience. Remember, staying within the game’s guidelines not only ensures your long-term enjoyment but also respects the community and the efforts of the developers.

Current Cheats

Method 1: Airplane Mode Cheat Post-Update

  1. Record Rolls in Airplane Mode: Activate airplane mode on your device, open Monopoly GO, and document the outcomes of your rolls at different multiplier levels. This step is crucial for predicting future rolls.
  2. Interpret the Data: Analyze the recorded roll outcomes to understand the pattern or sequence, which is crucial for predicting your next rolls when you reconnect to the game.
  3. Clear App Data or Reinstall: Depending on your device (Android or iOS), either clear the app data or uninstall and reinstall the game to reset its state without losing the analyzed data.
  4. Deactivate Airplane Mode: Turn off airplane mode to restore your internet connection. This action prepares you to reapply the recorded outcomes to your advantage.
  5. Apply Recorded Outcomes: Using your recorded data, play the game while predicting each roll outcome. Adjust your in-game decisions based on this foresight, like changing multipliers strategically to land on advantageous board positions.
  6. Repeat the Process: Continue this method to consistently benefit from your predicted dice outcomes, enhancing your in-game progress and resource accumulation.

Changes To Airplane Mode Cheat

According to some users on Reddit if you update your copy of Monopoly Go to the latest, these are the changes to the ‘Airplane Mode’ cheat:

  1. Start with the Max Multiplier: Begin by setting your game to the highest multiplier option available.
  2. Activate Airplane Mode (APM): Before making your next move, switch your device to Airplane Mode to use the APM cheat.
  3. Rapid Rolling: Roll as quickly as you can in succession, making sure to record the outcome of each roll. This step is crucial for gathering data on the predetermined outcomes of your rolls.
  4. Analyze Roll Patterns: After collecting enough data from your rapid rolling session, review the outcomes to understand the sequence of your next rolls at the max multiplier setting.
  5. Strategic Single Rolling: Switch to rolling with a single multiplier, proceeding one roll at a time. Continue this method until you predict that the next roll will land you on the desired tile or outcome based on your recorded patterns.
  6. Repeat the Process: Once you reach the end of your known roll outcomes (or “premonition”), start the process over from step 1. This involves going back to the max multiplier, entering APM, and recording the outcomes of your rapid rolls again.
  7. Persistence Pays Off: Although this method may seem more cumbersome than previous techniques due to the game’s update, it remains an effective strategy for those who enjoy the challenge of finding ways to “beat the system.”

Method 2: Using Cheat Websites

  1. Visit the Cheat Website: Open a web browser and navigate to a specified cheat website, such as “” or “”.
  2. Enter User Details: On the website, enter your Monopoly GO username to ensure that the hacks apply to your account.
  3. Select Resources: Choose the amount of money and dice rolls you want to add to your Monopoly GO account. These sites often allow you to select maximum available quantities.
  4. Initiate the Hack: After selecting your desired resources, proceed with the operation on the website, which may require you to click a “Generate” or “Apply” button.
  5. Complete Verification: To finalize the hack, you might be asked to verify your identity by downloading apps or completing surveys. This step is common as it supposedly distinguishes human users from bots.
  6. Check Your Account: Once you’ve completed all necessary steps, log into your Monopoly GO account to see if the resources have been added successfully.

Method 3: Location Spoofing

Location spoofing lets you trick the game into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not. This is great for accessing properties and areas that are far away. Here’s how it works:

  • GPS Spoofing Apps: You’ll need an app designed to fake your GPS location. Popular choices exist on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Choose Your Location Wisely: Target areas known for high-value properties or those offering special bonuses.
  • Be Careful!: Niantic (the game’s developer) is aware of spoofing and may take action against accounts suspected of this tactic.

Method 4: Botting Your Way to Victory

Bots can automate many of Monopoly GO’s tedious tasks. They can handle tasks like:

  • Dice Rolling: Bots can roll for you automatically, saving time and effort.
  • Property Management: They can handle tasks like upgrading properties or collecting rent.
  • Resource Gathering: Bots can snag valuable resources and bonuses as they appear.

Bots exist but be warned that using them is a clear violation of the game’s terms of service.

Method 5: Force Closing the App

Similar to the airplane mode trick, this involves rolling the dice, quickly force-closing the app if the result is unfavorable, and then restarting. The idea is to return to the pre-roll state.

Method 6: Manipulating Time/Date Settings

Some players have tried changing the time or date settings on their device to influence in-game events or timers. The effectiveness of this method is questionable.

Method 7: In-Game Resources and Strategies

Prefer to win without resorting to external tools? Here are some legit in-game tactics:

Collect Free DiceFree dice are given out periodically. Keep an eye on your inventory and use them wisely.
Wise Property ChoicesInvest in properties that offer high rent and are frequently landed on.
Build Houses StrategicallyFocus on building houses and hotels on a single color group to maximize returns.
Community Chest LuckCommunity Chest cards can give you big advantages.

Disclaimer: This information is for educational purposes only and does not endorse or encourage the use of such methods. Always prioritize responsible and ethical gaming practices. Monopoly GO is a fun and competitive game. Use these strategies, whether legit or risky are not in the spirit of the game and should be avoided if possible. Additionally, not every method will work at every time because the game developers are constantly patching bugs, exploits, and issues.

Important Considerations:

  • Unreliable: These methods are not guaranteed to work consistently and may have varied results depending on device, game version, or other factors.
  • Fair Play: Utilizing such methods goes against the spirit of fair play and can disrupt the gaming experience for others.
  • Risks: Resorting to unverified hacks or third-party apps can compromise your device’s security and potentially harm your account.
  • Alternatives: Instead of seeking shortcuts, focus on honing your gameplay skills, utilizing legitimate in-game strategies, and enjoying the game’s intended experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Cheats in Monopoly GO might be tempting but can pose risks.
  • Official methods for extra dice rolls are safe to use.
  • Skill and adherence to rules are the best strategies for success.

Understanding Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO! brings the classic board game experience to your iOS or Android device, blending strategy with the chance of the dice. Manage your tokens and property carefully for success.

Core Gameplay and Rules

Monopoly GO! centers on the classic goal of monopolizing properties to win. Tokens move around the board per dice roll. You buy, trade, or sell landmarks and build to prosper. Remember:

  • Pass GO: Collect money.
  • Land on property: Buy or pay rent.

Account Setup and Management

To begin, sign up in-app on your Android or iOS device. Select your token, a unique identifier for each player. Secure your account; it tracks your game progression and purchases.

Navigating the Monopoly GO! Interface

The UI is user-friendly; buttons and menus guide your interactions. Find:

  • Board: Center screen.
  • Properties: Tap to manage.
  • Menu: Access settings and account details.

Stick to these basics to navigate Monopoly GO! with ease.

Advanced Strategies and Tips

In Monopoly Go, success hinges on maximizing every opportunity. Below, you’ll find strategies tailored for experienced players looking to refine their game.

Utilizing Free Resources

Daily rewards and free parking are your bread and butter for steady cash inflow. Always claim these to fuel your progress. For instance, checking for daily free dice links keeps you rolling without spending.

Building and Upgrade Tactics

When building, think beyond the basics. Start with houses, then progress to hotels to multiply rental income. Strategic upgrading on frequently landed squares like railroads can yield high returns. Remember, timing is crucial; upgrade when you’re financially stable to stay ahead.

Tournament and Event Participation

Tournaments and events offer a chance for big wins. Engaging in these can reward you with multipliers and bonus cash. Study the event patterns and align your play to optimize your tournament strategy. Quick, tactical moves can turn the tide in your favor.

Dealing With Cheats and Exploits

In Monopoly Go, dealing with cheats and exploits can enhance your gaming experience. It keeps play fair for everyone. Let’s explore how to spot and handle these issues.

Recognizing and Reporting Cheats

Cheats in Monopoly Go disrupt the game’s balance. Watch for unlikely winning streaks or impossible game moves. If you spot a cheat, report it. Scopely, the game’s developer, values fair play. To report a cheat:

  • Use the in-game option to contact support.
  • Provide details, including the cheater’s username.

Understanding the Consequences of Cheating

Cheating may seem tempting, but the risks are high. Cheats like the airplane mode hack, which prevents other players from stealing properties, can lead to a ban. Remember:

  • Players caught cheating face account suspension or a ban.
  • Hacks and glitches hurt the game community.

Staying Updated With Official Responses

Updates from Scopely address cheats and enhance security. Keep your app updated. The newest versions often fix known exploits. Stay informed:

  • Follow official Monopoly Go social media channels.
  • Check your game for update notifications regularly.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section covers specific ways you can enhance your Monopoly GO gameplay. These include tactics for free dice rolls and strategies to keep you winning.

How can players acquire more dice rolls without cost in Monopoly GO?

You can get free dice rolls by checking for daily free dice links. Inviting friends to join you in the game often results in rewards that include extra rolls.

What strategies lead to consistently winning in Monopoly GO?

Consistent winning in Monopoly GO comes from making smart property purchases and building houses and hotels strategically. Trading with other players wisely can also increase your chances of dominating the game.

Are there any legitimate hacks for obtaining free dice in Monopoly GO?

Real hacks for Monopoly GO are not available, as they would likely break the game’s rules. However, you can employ legitimate tips like adjusting your device’s date and time settings for potential extra rolls.

Is it possible to manipulate Monopoly GO with airplane mode to get an advantage?

It’s not possible to manipulate Monopoly GO using airplane mode. The game is designed to be played with a fair strategy and connection to the internet.

Are there any working dice generators for Monopoly GO?

Working dice generators for Monopoly GO do not exist. These tools are often scams. Sticking to the game’s official ways of earning dice is the safest approach.

What are the methods to get unlimited dice in Monopoly GO?

Officially, there is no way to get unlimited dice in Monopoly GO due to the game’s design focused on balance and fairness. It’s important to follow the rules and utilize official channels for the best experience.