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Helldivers 2 Keeps Crashing: Quick Fixes and Solutions

Experiencing crashes while playing Helldivers 2 can be frustrating. Knowing how to troubleshoot these issues on PC is essential for a smooth gaming experience. Various factors can cause your game to crash, but most can be resolved with a few simple steps. It’s about pinpointing the problem and applying the right fix.

Starting with basic troubleshooting methods can often lead to a quick solution. Ensuring your system meets the game’s requirements, checking for software updates, or modifying in-game settings might help. Occasionally, more specific actions such as verifying game files or updating drivers are required.

Troubleshooting Helldivers 2 Crashes

Potential Causes

The crashes in Helldivers 2 may be due to various reasons, including:

  • Outdated graphics drivers
  • Incorrect game settings
  • Corrupted game files
  • Software conflicts
  • Hardware issues

Quick Fixes

Update Graphics Drivers

Ensure your graphics drivers are up-to-date. Visit the websites of your GPU manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD, or Intel) and download the latest drivers for your specific graphics card.

Adjust Game Settings

Lower the graphics settings in the game options menu. Turn off anti-aliasing and screen-space global illumination. Set the resolution to a lower setting.

Verify Game Files

Verify the integrity of game files through Steam or the Epic Games Launcher. This process checks for and replaces any missing or damaged files that could be causing crashes.

Run as Administrator

Right-click the game executable file and select “Run as administrator.” This might help resolve permission issues.

Disable Overlays

Disable overlays from programs like Discord, GeForce Experience, or Steam. These overlays can sometimes interfere with the game and cause crashes.

Close Background Applications

Close any unnecessary background applications before launching the game. This frees up system resources and may prevent crashes.

Check for Software Conflicts

Certain antivirus or security software can interfere with the game. Try temporarily disabling them to see if the crashes persist.

Advanced Solutions

If the quick fixes don’t work, consider these advanced solutions:

Run the game in DirectX 11 modeSome players have reported success by forcing the game to use DirectX 11 instead of DirectX 12.
Clear shader cacheClear the shader cache in your graphics card settings.
Reinstall the gameUninstall the game completely and then reinstall it.
Contact Arrowhead Game Studios supportReach out to the game developers for further assistance.

Community Resources

For further help and troubleshooting tips, check out the following resources:

  • Helldivers 2 subreddit: r/Helldivers on Reddit
  • Steam Community discussions for Helldivers 2

Important Note

These are general troubleshooting tips. The specific solution for your crashing issue may vary depending on your system configuration and other factors.

Key Takeaways

  • Crashes in Helldivers 2 can be resolved by systematically troubleshooting.
  • Simple fixes include checking system compatibility and updating software.
  • Specific solutions may involve verifying game integrity or adjusting settings.

Understanding the Causes of Crashes

When Helldivers 2 crashes, it often leaves pc players feeling frustrated. Knowing the common causes helps you solve the issue more effectively.

Common Bugs and Glitches

Games have bugs sometimes, and Helldivers 2 is no exception. It’s important to keep the game files up-to-date. Developers release patches that fix known bugs. If your game keeps crashing, check for updates on Steam. This action can resolve many glitches causing crashes.

System Requirements and Performance Issues

Your computer’s power matters a lot. Helldivers 2 has system requirements you must meet for it to run well. If your PC fails to meet these, performance issues, like crashing, can happen. Always compare your PC specs with the game’s requirements. Upgrade your hardware if needed. Also, keep your graphics drivers from companies like AMD and Nvidia updated.

Conflicts with Software and Overlays

Other software can conflict with your game. This includes things like antivirus, firewall, and even the Steam overlay. Try to disable third-party overlays you have running. Also, regularly update Windows to make sure it’s not behind the crashes. These steps often fix conflicts causing your game to crash.

Troubleshooting Steps for Helldivers 2

When Helldivers 2 crashes on your PC, it’s important to follow a step-by-step process to fix the issues. This guide will help you through the most common solutions to get your game running smoothly.

Verifying and Repairing Game Files

If Helldivers 2 is crashing on startup, the first thing to do is verify the integrity of game files. Corrupted or missing files often cause issues.

  1. Open Steam, go to your Library, right-click on Helldivers 2, and select ‘Properties’.
  2. Click on ‘Local Files’ and then ‘Verify integrity of game files’. Steam will check and fix any problems.

Updating Drivers and Operating System

Outdated graphics drivers or operating system can lead to game crashes. Ensure that your driver updates and system are current:

  • For drivers, visit your graphics card’s website and download the latest driver.
  • For your operating system, open ‘Settings’, click ‘Update & Security’, and choose ‘Check for updates’.

Adjusting Game and Steam Settings

Certain settings may conflict with Helldivers 2. To adjust these:

  • Disable Steam Input by right-clicking the game in Steam, selecting ‘Properties’, and unchecking ‘Enable Steam Input’.
  • Run the game as an administrator by finding the game’s executable file, right-clicking it, and selecting ‘Run as administrator’.

Preventing Future Crashes

To keep your gameplay smooth in Helldivers 2, it’s key to address game crashes proactively. Ensuring your game is up-to-date and engaging with the gaming community can help prevent future disruptions.

Staying Updated with Patches and Fixes

Developers at Arrowhead Game Studios release patches and hotfixes to resolve known bugs. To avoid crashes:

  • Regularly check for game updates on Steam or the platform you use.
  • Install updates as they become available to fix and improve the game.

Community and Support Forums

The community can be your ally against game crashes. Here’s how to leverage it:

  • Visit the Helldivers 2 Reddit thread or Steam community forums.
  • Read shared experiences and proposed fixes.
  • Ask questions if you’re facing unique issues and seek support from fellow players.

Frequently Asked Questions

Navigating Helldivers 2 crashes can be straightforward with the right steps. This section answers common questions and offers specific solutions.

What troubleshooting steps can I take when Helldivers 2 crashes on my PS5?

First, make sure your PS5 firmware is up to date. Then, restart your console and check if Helldivers 2 requires any game updates. If crashes persist, reinstall the game.

How can I resolve mid-game crashes in Helldivers 2?

Reduce the risk of mid-game crashes by closing background apps. Ensure that your game and device software are current, and try restarting your device.

What should I do if Helldivers 2 crashes on startup?

If your game crashes on startup, clear the cache on your device. For PC users, verify the integrity of game files through Steam.

What are possible fixes for Helldivers 2 crashing after a recent update?

Sometimes updates cause stability issues. If Helldivers 2 crashes post-update, look for official patches or workarounds, which developers typically provide promptly.

What solutions are there for Helldivers 2 crashing during extraction?

For extraction-related crashes, try playing the game in windowed mode. Also, consider lowering your game’s graphical settings to ease the load on your system.

How can I fix frequent Helldivers 2 crashes on my PC with an AMD graphics card?

For PCs with AMD graphics cards, update your GPU drivers. Check for specific AMD settings that may improve game compatibility and reduce crashes.