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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Movie Review: The Dark Knight Rises

So yesterday  we decided to go to the cinema. What better excuse for a movie-going experience than  the latest (and final) installment of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. Most of the praise about this movie is well founded and the vast majority  of the production decisions hit the spot. It was good, it was big and it was immersive. 

I did not like some of the motivations of the characters. There were moments that I would feel that their actions  were forced in order to move the plot forward and I could not take them so seriously. You could feel some cliches being forced in the actor's lips 'just to have that moment'. Do not get me wrong. I do not mean that all was bad, in fact most was well-thought but some crucial plot twists felt unjustified. 

And since now I got the bad parts out of the way, the good parts. The movie felt big in every sense. The scenes were big in scope, the stakes were big, the action was big(even though not a lot). I particularly liked the pace of the film. It was not rushed and all(...well most) scenes had their place. It was not so much about the eccentric millionair turned vigilante but about a whole group of characters good or bad and their interactions with each other. In fact for a Batman film, Batman was not in most scenes. This was good though because when he was it meant something and there was a purpose to it.

 I said Miaou

I especially liked the Anne Hathaway Catwoman. Not only because she was hot as catwoman, but because  unlike all  psychotic, eccentric, plain mentally unstable, with no real motives, catwomen of previous takes on the Batman franchise, she felt believable. She is the girl next door that fell into hardship and her thieving was out of necessity and not fetich.

This time we get a different main villain. One that has purpose and means and one that can kick the shit out of Bruce Wayne.  He is not the mastermind that hides behind mindless drones but he is the warlord leading the bad guys into battle. We are not used to this kind of villains, usually we get the brilliant asylum inmate with lots of inferiority and misanthropic issues that uses cunning and theatrics. This time we do not. We get a guy that we know is physically not going to go down easily.

 Lovely chap once you get to know him

The acting is good as what is to be expected of this film's cast members but the acting of some of the minor characters might have been a little better. Or maybe it is just me and my issues with their silly motives and unjustifiable actions.

Overall the final(?) installment in the Dark Knight Trilogy is totally worth the admission ticket. It is a very good cinema experience and a film that you will thoroughly enjoy.



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Even with its flaws, The Dark Knight Rises is a solid film. It just fails to live up to the magnificent legacy created by the first two movies in the trilogy. To be fair, they were incredibly hard acts to follow.

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