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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Half Life- Singularity Collapse

Half Life 2 is the single best game ever created in the history of computer games. The story, the setting, the characters, the unbelievable level design and the amazing atmosphere, made it an instant classic that, after so many years, it still inspires people. There have been many fan-made short films and videos. We have presented some in the past but, even after 7 years from its release, people still create new content for the Half Life universe. A couple of days ago a new fan-made short film surfaced and I have to say it is one of the best so far.

Half Life-Singularity Collapse mixes real life action with computer generated graphics from the game and it even shows the man himself, Gordon Freeman, momentarily.


Hotshuk said...

"Half Life 2 is the single best game ever created in the history of computer games."
Actually it's the 15th. The best was Super Mario World, followed by Final Fantasy VII and World of Warcraft (as voted for by readers of Empire Online). :p

mastorak said...

well I guess opinions are like....you know what are like....and everyone has one...

Matias said...

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MartenJames said...

This game is amazing, when this game was released back in 2004 this one was my favorite game.
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