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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google+ the new take on social networking

I do not have a Facebook account. I am being pressured for years by people and circumstances to create an account but I simply say 'No'. It's like the drugs your mother warned about. Don't use them just because your friends say they will make you cool. I do not like being found by anyone in order to connect with them. Even if you have the option to not be searchable someone that you do not want to connect with asks your for you Facebook account in real life. For social reasons you give it to them and you end up seing every kind of crap that he/she uploads. You do not want to share the same information with everyone. Why your boss has to see that recent weird photos from when you were drunk. No sir, this is not something I want to do.

Google just started a closed beta of the company's new spin on social networking. It seems to address most of the issues I have with Facebook. I still do not buy on the social networking through these kind of services but maybe I will give this a try. I prefer to think that I can keep in touch with anyone that matters to me through other means than silly youtube videos. I just hope that it is not mandatory for the use of the rest of the google services 'cause this will make me a really angry user.
Check out the presentation videos below:


Hotshuk said...

First Video, 1:20 - Thomas Gayno. Best. Name. Ever.

Hotshuk said...

Oh and this link just HAS to go here :D

ebenet said...

I totally agree with everything that you said - where I'm living/working I feel like the last of the Mohicans because I don't have an FB account, although I'm not on principle against social networking. Let's see if a better alternative can be found...

MartenJames said...

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