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Monday, February 14, 2011

Google's app allows you to create your own android avatar

In an unlikely move Google released something that is totally useless but at the same time hip. Today they released an android app called Androidify that allows you to create android avatars for you and your contacts. With its intuitive, easy to use interface you can customize your droids with clothes, hair, glasses, accessories to produce cool/cute droids.

It sounds extremely cheesy and it is. I think someone whispered them that they should be more hip in order to get younger audiences and women just like Apple has done with iPhone. It's not a bad move I like free software! For all of you who are wondering, yes, this is me on the left. I think I 'll use this as my general avatar as well.


Anonymous said...

i am in the step where instalation takes place but it stops saying error reading file.
What have i done wrong?

mastorak said...

You can try downloading it directly from android market from your phone instead of the website.

Anonymous said...

ive a problem when i started the game my screen wont show m characters and soon become blur
please help :)

mastorak said...

what game are you referring to?