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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Philip K. Dick's new robotic head

Philip K. Dick is one of my favourite, if not the favourite, Sci-Fi authours. He alone managed to grasp the dark scent of the future and remain relevant. Underappreciated in his time he rose to mass fame after his death thanks to many of his novels becoming top grossing films. Classics such Blade Runner, Total Recall and more recent such as Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly allowed people to get to know and love novels such as my personal favourite Ubik.

Hanson Robotics funded by the dutch VPRO built an amazing robotic head of Philip K. Dick. It is so lifel-like and creepy at the same time. Apparently there was an old one that got stolen back in 2005 and they wanted to replace it. Dick would be proud!

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