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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Director Panel discusses Blu-Ray

In Panasonic's booth at CES they took a break from promoting super-duper gadgets and they made up a panel of well known directors to discuss Holywood Technology. The trio consisted of Oliver Stone, Michael Mann and Baz Luhrmann. Since this was a technology booth they all ofcourse said that Blu-ray kicks ass and supported the format.

They expressed their own opinions as well though which were interesting. Mann said that the format would be here for the next 6 to 8 years but also said that the technology still can't capture his special photochemical film technique used for the Last of the Mohicans. Stone after bashing watching movies on small screen with interuptions, suggested that Blu-Ray will be the last hardware format before everything goes all digital distribution. He also suggested that we should go collect Blu-Rays since they would be great vintage collectibales that reason just like old comics.

Here is small part from engadget

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