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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Steam Christmas Sale: Gems in dead-cheap prices

Season Greetings fellow geeks. The time of year when shopkeepers, shepherds and Valve are happy is upon us. The annual Christmas steam sale has started and credit cards are ready for the some of the best deals in the digital distribution world. This year Valve decided to have, except the daily deals, some all season deals which are rather good. Thus, not only you see different games on sale on a daily basis but entire company catalogs are on 50%, and more, discount.

Here is a list of amazing deals on excellent games that I highly suggest:

Amnesia: The Dark Descent. 7,49 euros. The most scary game ever. This is not a shooter. You never fight in the game. It is a survival adventure game from the makers of Penumbra. You will crap your pants.

Europa Universalis III Complete. 9,99 euros. The most complex, hardcore strategy game. It defined its own genre. The grand strategy. The whole of earth is at your disposal for warfare diplomacy, trade, schemes and conquest.

Lucas Arts adventure pack. 4,49 euros. The best representatives of the adventure genre in its golden age by the company that knew how to make them. Dig, Indiana Jones and the fate of atlantis. Indiana Jones and the dark crusade and Loom in a fantastic price.

The Orange Box. 11,49 euros. The most complete gaming bundle of all time. Half Life 2, Half Life 2:Episode 1, Half Life 2:Episode 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal. Who could ask for more?

Freedom Force 1,35 euros. A squad based rpg strategy with super heroes. Create your own super heroes with unique powers and unleash them in the silver era to save the world. Great fun.

Broken Sword:Director's Cut. 2,49 euros. The classic adventure game had a makeover and some added action. I ve played this game so many times and still come back for more.

Bioshock. 4,99 euros. A masterpiece. Art disguised as a videogame. No matter what I 'll say to describe this gem will be little compared to its worth. An absolutely amazing nightmare in the depths of the atlantic ocean. when an experimental society went wrong.

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