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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Duke Nukem 3D: Kicking alien ass in High Res and Low Price

"Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and I am all outta gum.." Duke Nukem is the most over the top character in the history of video game characters. He is a macho, shoot first ask questions later, shoot anything that moves and shoot anything that doesn't move type of guy. Basically his personality revolves around shooting things, or wanting to shoot things. I am pretty sure you get the point.

Duke Nukem 3D was one of the best games that 90s had to offer us. It had fantastic action, amazing environments, excellent humor, lotsa aliens, Cops who were actual pigs, semi nude pixelated dancers, an iconic protagonist and big guns. When it came out it was the ultimate Doom killer. It was released around the time the first Quake came out. Quake quickly got a true 3D make over with GLQuake but Duke was left behind by 3D Realms trying to create the ultimate vaporware Duke Nukem Forever. Still, Duke pressed on and he is still one of the most recognizable game characters around, even if it has been 14 years since the game's release.

GOG, the Good Old Games digital distribution shop has started its christmas sale. One can find amazing gems for really low prices. Duke Nukem 3D:Atomic Edition sells for 2,99$. This is a fantastic deal. The game itself was written for Windows and DOS but you can now enjoy it in any Operating system imaginable thanks to eDuke32, an opensource port of the game's engine. All you need is an installation of the game and the eDuke32 executable and you are good to go. Even if you play the game on windows, the new engine is a must since it fixes various bugs, introduces better video support and most importantly a WASD/mouse control that is missing from the original. In addition if you use eDuke32 you can add the High Resolution Pack and play the game with new high res textures in resolutions as high as your monitor can take.

Enjoy and kick alien ass...


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