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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Portal 2 Teaser trailer (update: now with gameplay video!)

One of our very favourite games here on Allround geek is Portal. While we've spent many hours getting the Steam achievements for the advanced chambers and the challenges, the game itself is quite small and leaves you hungry for more levels.

So when Portal 2 was announced we couldn't be happier. Unfortunately while the game was initially scheduled for a late 2010 release, it has been pushed back to 2011. Until then you can get a little taste by watching the teaser trailer for the game:

"For Science!"

UPDATE: Gameplay video straight from the E3

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Hotshuk said...

I thought it important to mention that I am the only one to get gold medals on all challenges. Bow down to my great geekiness!

Eraserheadx said...

Yeah yeah you're the best.

Now check out the awesome gameplay video. Amazing stuff!


Eraserheadx said...

I should also mention that this time there will be co-op play so prepare yourself!