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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New trailer for MACHETE! (Update: now in 720p!)

The fake trailer that became a real movie!

When Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez decided to make Grindhouse, they wanted to give audiences the full experience of being in a grindhouse cinema playing a double feature. To that end, they approached various directors and asked them to make a fake trailer to be included in the break between Death Proof and Planet Terror. The results were very interesting.

Rodriguez's own entry was MACHETE and it was so popular that soon after it was decided that it was going to be turned into a real film! And what a film it will be! It has one of the craziest casts ever! Danny TrejoRobert De Niro(!), Steven Seagal(!!), Michelle RodriguezJessica AlbaLindsay Lohan(!!!), Cheech MarinRose McGowan and more.

A new trailer for the actual movie was just released at Ain't It Cool News and it is all kinds of awesome! You can also watch the original fake trailer embedded below. (UPDATE: download it in 720p from here)

New "Illegal" trailer:

original fake trailer:

tip: watch it again in Spanish.


rs99092 said...

This is f***in awesome!!
Can't wait its release!

Gojeg said...

Wow..this movie looks great! I hope I can watch this movie in primiere. :D

ebenet said...

This is what Grindhouse should've been...