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Monday, April 12, 2010

Review: Kick-Ass

Kick-Ass is the best action film of the year, as well as one of the best in recent time. There, I said it!

Based on a relatively little-known comic book, it belongs to the newly-found genre of meta-superhero movies. What the movie does very efficiently, is combine the realism of having a normal teenage geek dress up like a superhero and face the (traumatic) consequences with the hyper-realism of comic book adaptations. The basic factors contributing to the film's success are the solid performances by everyone on board (Nic Cage is on fire again!) and the very well-planned action sequences, which culminate until the movie's climax - Matthew Vaughn has proved once again, after the very enjoyable Stardust, that he really knows how to keep the audience entertained.

The film being independently funded, provides a certain liberty that is not found in studio-made products; and that liberty is mostly expressed by the provocative character of Hit Girl, a foul-mouthed cold-blooded murderer in the face of an 11 year-old girl. And the character is greatly assisted by Chloe Morentz's kinetic performance. Arguably, the best scene of the movie is SPOILERS: the fight between Hit Girl and the mod boss, played by the always great Mark Strong. If I could find a flaw in the movie, is that it's solely aimed at the teenage audience, which sort of distanced me from the movie - had I watched this film in my teen years, I'd probably have created a Kick-Ass altar by now... 8/10


Eraserheadx said...

Seems like I will really enjoy this one. :)

Now let's hope that one of the two cinemas in Heraklion will screen this otherwise I'm gonna get medieval on their asses!

Hotshuk said...

I don't think they will release it here, because they quite simply can't find a decent way to translate the title. Expect to see "Tha se deiro" in your cinemas any time soon :D

"Den borw na petaksw, alla borw na se deiro!"