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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

So, 3 dimensions not enough? Have another one!

During my morning perusal of web comics and news, I happened upon a new gaming concept (honours go out to XKCD). OK I say new, but of course I mean new to me as I am yet to play every game in existence. The concept is the introduction of a 4Th dimension, and not as time (Ala Braid, or the latest Prince of Persia games), but as a traversable, spacial dimension. The game is called Miegakure, and though it is still currently in the development stage, the discussions and videos surrounding it's production are intriguing. Unfortunately there is no playable demo released as of yet, but we have been assured that there will be once the game is released. Until then, check out the following link for more information and a tasty video to get those brain cells working. Hm, I foresee an aneurysm at some point...


See video demo on YouTube

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