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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dr. Claw may not be ready yet but his cat is!

Ars Technica published an article yesterday about IBM creating a super computer that is significantly "smarter" than a cat having around 4.5% of the capacity of the human brain.

This is good news, right? Or is it not? Oh well i guess that too many years of watching/reading/playing the destruction of the human race from machines have that effect. At any rate this is very exciting news!
An interdisciplinary team of researchers at IBM have presented at paper at the SC09 supercomputing conference describing a milestone in cognitive computing: the group's massively parallel cortical simulator, C2, now has the ability to simulate a brain with about 4.5 percent the cerebral cortex capacity of a human brain, and significantly more brain capacity than a cat.

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ebenet said...

Very interesting work... I remember a few years ago (2006?) that a neural networks lab had managed to simulate the brain of a sparrow, but outperforming a cat's brain is certainly a large step!

The machines will rise...