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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cloud gaming on the rise

A few days ago we reported about the beta openings in onlive. It seems that they are not the only brave people pushing the idea of cloud gaming. Another service called Gakai surfaced in Europe with similar approach.

The company states that the only technical requirement is a computer with a flash capable browser and that nothing will require to be installed in order to enjoy the service and play games. This is a different approach from onlive that requires a special plugin to be installed on the browser.

This leads me to believe that (even though its not mentioned anywhere on their website) that Mac and Linux boxes will be able to run the services. This is all very exciting since people from the Mac or Linux communities will be able to enjoy titles that only the windows crowd enjoys. In addition and more importantly the promise of not needing to upgrade hardware in order to be able to play the latest and greatest games is very appealing indeed.

This time round(onlive beta is only open for US residents) the european gamers will be able to participate first in the beta. Go sign up.

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