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Friday, August 21, 2009

Avatar preview

As any good geek out there today we went to see the 15 minute preview of Jame Cameron's new film Project Avatar. After a brief hailing from the big man himself the preview started and took us slowly from a 3d real world to a stereoscopic 3d magical alien jungle world with the most vivid colours imaginable. I was very impressed by the use of technology especially when it comes into sucking you into the world through the creation of the right images and atmosphere.

In the first Jungle scene with the female feline warrior I had a flashback. The flashback took me back to a 1996 excellent RPG called Albion. I am positevely, absolutely sure that the initial idea behind the world of Avatar comes from this RPG. It takes place in an Alien Jungle world where the hero, a human, arrives from a world of technology to find an alien world full of vidid colours and a feline society that is living in harmony with nature and the rest of the creatures.
Paint the cats blue and you have Avatar


ebenet said...

Having seen the teaser trailer in its 2D form, as well as the 15min preview in 3D, it's safe to say that one really needs to see the 3D version in order to appreciate the visuals - there's just no comparison. Having said that though, some extra work on the creatures (textures mostly) would be welcome, though maybe I'm asking too much. But after a while you just get used to it...

Marcin Ignac said...

Ha ha! Albion! I had the same the same thought immediately after seeing the jugle :)