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Friday, July 24, 2009

The return of good science fiction films

Tired of stupid science fiction films which are nothing more than explosions and meaningles effects? Then you might want to check out the following three films which are a return to good science fiction:


review 1, review 2, review 3

District 9

preview 1 preview 2
Harry Knowles review (Ain't It Cool News)
Devin Faraci review (CHUD)


Sadly there is no trailer yet. But I'm going to say just two things:

James Cameron. Science fiction film.

That's all you need to know really. Listen to the man himself talk about AVATAR at Comic Con after screening, for the first time ever, 24 minutes of footage from the film.

I really hope that these three films will mark the beginning of a new, better era for science fiction films.


mastorak said...

The Moon and Avatar should be fantastic.
I have mixed feelings about district 9 though. The reason behind this is probably that I could never take seriously films/games/novels etc with bug-like aliens....

ebenet said...

...actually we're talking about the return of science fiction films in general. The past few years were full of superhero films - but sci-fi was largely absent. Glad to see that problem rectified!