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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Monkey Island games!

One of the greatest adventure games series is back with not one but two games!

Telltale Games is creating Tales Of Monkey Island which will be released in 5 monthly episodes starting July 7. Here is the trailer for the game:

The second game, created by Lucas Arts, is Secret Of Monkey Island: Special Edition and it will be a remake of the original game with HD graphics, remastered score and voiceover work. It will also have a cool feature where you will be able to swap between the old and the new look of the game any time you want. For more info and a look of the game there is a very interesting making of video on the official site.

This is a very good chance for younger people to discover one of the best games ever created and a chance for older people to re-discover the Secret Of The Monkey Island.

1 comment:

mastorak said...

I am soooo buying this...
I cannot think of a better summer game than monkey island....accompanied by Malibu&Pineapple juice....woohoo