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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Nintendo DSi: The Handheld giant is confused..

A few months ago Nintendo released in Japan a new version of the extremely successful Nintendo DS, the Nintendo DSi. It is basically the good old Nintendo DS slightly thinner, with bigger screen, two cameras and an SD card Slot. Nintendo is going to be releasing DSi in the rest the world early next month (April 6th). What's the big deal you ask? For the first time in history Nintendo looks like as if the company doesn't have a clear goal with its "new" product.

Look! Look! Its the DS....with camera....ooooo...

The company urged developers to start creating small pay or free apps for the new DSi app store. It looks to me that Nintendo is trying to pull an iPhone/iPod app store out of the deal. Nintendo is denying that its goal is to compete with the iPhone app store or that it wants its "new" gadget to compete with these devices. I think the Japanese developer is too proud to admit that they are trying to do something that another company is doing already.

I am a DS user for years. I went to the new DSi website to look at the new features and see what the device has to offer to me, the old user... I have to say that at this point it offers nothing. Absolutely nothing at all. The main slide show introduction is wasted on showing us that the device can shoot photos (with its shitty 0.3 MP camera) and then you can manipulate them to look silly. So what? Should I buy exactly the same device for something that is totally useless that I can do with my mobile phone already?

"So i can really can make me look like this.. ?"

It looks like that at some point Nintendo saw everything having a camera on and said..."ok, you...engineers go to your basement and make me a DS with camera...and make that two since we have two screens already...two shity cameras will suffice". At another point they said.."everybody else has storage capabilities...add me one of those as well". And finally at another point Miyamoto bought his first iPhone and started downloading little apps to it. He run straight to the Nintendo CEO at said. "Boss, Boss, look at this, we can make shitloads of money if we create yet another app store but this time for the DS. All the Japanese teenagers will go ape for this."

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