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Saturday, February 21, 2009

The 100 Greatest Video Games

Empire magazine is having a poll about the 100 greatest video games of all time. You can vote for 5 of your favourite games until March 16 at which time the voting will close.

You have got to be joking me! Only 5 votes? This is impossible! There are so many games I would like to vote for, that even 10 votes would not be enough. This is going to take some serious thinking (because let's face it, the fate of the world rests on that decision).

It will be very interesting to see the results although it might take some time for Empire to publish them online.

So, which games will you be voting for?


mastorak said...

I have been thinking this all day (It's Saturday ok?....I can do whatever i want..). Each time I am happy with 5-piece list I think of another couple of games and start all over again. I do not think I can even create a favorite 10 games list. There are so many games that I consider them "one of my favorites" and cannot think of leaving them out that the task of selecting just 5 is impossible.
I guess i will have to think harder about this...hoorey for sundays...! I ll post them as soon as I am happy about the list. What 's your list and why?

Sácri said...

Daggerfall "single cross" vote ftw!
come on!! we can do it

mastorak said...

Daggerfall hah?
Its a possibility...but i think i am reserving my favourite rpg spot for Baldur's Gate 2. I might get something else out in order to get daggerfall in...
don't know...

Sácri said...

ah yes BG2, wait, you mean your "RPG Spot" is going on a game where you cheated to kill all the drakes and then crowned yourself dragonslayer?

mastorak said...

just hold on a sec mister,
I did not cheat. I did kill all the dragons including the silver Dragon at the expense of not being able to get into underdark...The magnificence of the game is that the designers anticipated that fact and provided me with another way to proceed through the game without entering underdark. I am TRULY the Dragonslayer!!!!