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Thursday, January 8, 2009

UK Christmas Video Game charts

Each year at the end of the holiday season every one in the gaming industry wait to see how their games did during the Christmas period. In the UK this has become a frenzy over the years and even bookies participate and take bets on each years winner.

This year the game that outselled anything else was Fifa 09. I do not no why and do no ask me, because I do not even like the game. In fact I stopped playing the series around the 2001 edition. Pro Evolution Soccer is a much better football simulator. Oh well, what can I say. In that spirit lets see some of the Christmas winners over the years:

2007 Call of duty 4
A memorable experience. Very exciting single player campaign with even more exciting multiplayer options. The first call of duty (and only one for the time being) not about World War 2

2006 Need for speed Carbon
Why this was a top seller is beyond me. It was not a bad game but it had nothing spectacular about it. I am a fan of the series but i get bored after a point. Tuning, racing, feeling cool, the usual...

2005 Need for speed most wanted
Again I will ask the same "why?". Again I will say that it was not a bad game but nothing spectacular. Various racing modes, complete lack of respect for the law, cheesy presentation but again it gets boring after a point.

2004 GTA San Andreas
Now, there is a game I agree with. Fun, fun fun. Shooting, running, living as a gangaster, stealing all kinds of vehicles, huge game world, addictive gameplay, excellent presentation and memorable experience. I have not used a verb since the first sentence....

2003 Medal of honor: Rising Sun
An overall bad game. Why on earth this was a top seller is way beyond me. Artificial stupidity, lack of multiplayer options, old graphics, boring gameplay, linear action through the pacific do not strike me as top dog. What the hell?

2002 GTA Vice City
My favourite GTA game without a doubt. The reason most people got a PS2. 80s to the bone. Be Tony Montana in the place of Tony Montana, the king pin of Miami, the crime lord of east coast. An open world full of glam, gunz, cars, women, drugs and twisted sister. What more does a boy want from a game?

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