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Friday, January 30, 2009

Online Music Tax in the UK

Dumb-asses in the UK government are thinking about enforcing a new tax, the online music tax. Basically this will be a tax of 20 BP (approximately 21 euros or 28 dollars) for every broadband connection in the country. This tax would be used to cover the losses of big music and production companies from illegal internet downloads.WTF?

This does not make sense. The tax payers will start paying for the failures of the much-hated record labels? It is not enought that UK tax-payers pay 100 pounds per year to the BBC as a licence to watch TV, now they will have to pay an additional 20 pounds to the labels. Think about how much money these companies would be gaining for nothing? Why should we give them such a present? What sick mind thought of that? I think they will start to justify all sorts of stuff just to play along with the big companies, saying its all because of the economic crissis....I am getting angry again....calm down..calm down..

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