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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are Yahoo users less intellectual than Google users?

They say that you are what you eat. How does this rule apply to search engines? Probably something like You are what your users search for. Google and Yahoo announced the list of their top-10 search keywords for 2008. Prior to seeing them I would have said that for such large numbers (millions of users) the keywords would be similar for the both engines. It turns out that they are not. They are very distinct and both say something about the people behind the queries, the users themselves.

Google top 10 keywords for 2008
  1. sarah palin (Republican vice-president candidate )
  2. beijing 2008 (olympic games)
  3. facebook login (Social network)
  4. tuenti (Spanish social network)
  5. heath ledger (the late actor that portrait Jocker in Dark Knight )
  6. obama (USA President)
  7. nasza klasa (Polish social network)
  8. wer kennt wen (German social network)
  9. euro 2008 (European football cup)
  10. jonas brothers (American boy band)

Yahoo top 10 keywords for 2008

1. Britney Spears (singer)
2. WWE (mindless staged wrestling)
3. Barack Obama (USA President)
4. Miley Cyrus (Actor/Singer)
5. RuneScape (web based MMORPG)
6. Jessica Alba (Actor)
7. Naruto (anime series)
8. Linsday Lohan (Actor/Singer/Model)
9. Angelina Jolie (Actor)
10. American Idol (reality music show)

The first result for each engine says it all: Sarah Palin vs Britney Spears. I mean, come on, what is up with that? Britney Spears as the most searched for keyword on yahoo? Tsk Tsk Tsk...WWE as a second? American Idol?Linsday Lohan? And the list goes on...It mostly reads as a parade of a gossip magazine. Thus we have 5 pop figures a reality show and staged wrestling. Ok, there is japanime and an MMO as well, big deal. I have to proudly say that I am not a Yahoo user.

Google is more allround and the keywords include politics, sports(no, WWE is NOT a sport) and social networking. I think I can say that I am a Google user without anyone throwing anything at me (with an exception for the Jonas Brothers keyword). In addition the global usage of Google is apparent to anyone looking the list: social networking sites that are Spanish, German and polish speaking.

These results just beg someone to ask the question: Are Yahoo users less intellectual than Google users?


Sácri said...

Gee ARG (mind if i call you ARG?) why do you think Sarah Palin was the top keyword for google? is it because most of the google users are republicans wanting to get up to date with news on their golden goose? or is it that most people using google had no fuckin idea who the hell this chic was..?

mastorak said...

Well, I suspect that most people in the US were searching about her since she was on the news every day with new scandals revealed about her...I think that answers your question..