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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All Nightmare Long - Metallica music video

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Metallica. Their forty fourth single All Nightmare Long from their new album Death Magnetic has the most interesting music video I have seen for a really long time. It is a documentary-style horror film including a cartoon animation sequence about an alternate history of the cold war. In the film the tunguska event introduced the Soviet Union to a new extraterrestrial organism that they used to create a biological zombifying weapon that unleash on the USA. Apart from the old bad communists aspect of the film it is very-very well done. Its nightmerish creepy look and its documentary style Grindhouse worn film look make it very unique. Enjoy it.

* UPDATE: Apparently the music companies don't want you to watch the music video. They prefer to gather around in their corporate offices and watch it alone, them and only them, they did not make it for you....If I find another version somewhere else I 'll post it.

* UPDATE 2: you can view the video from the official Metallica website

Kirk Hammet said he bought the original cartoon video in Russia years ago and he always wanted to incorporate it in one of Metallica's music videos. I just now have to find the original video and watch it all.

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