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Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase

The Independent Game Festival is the only place in the whole video game industry that pure innovation and use of imagination takes place. Without dealing with millions of dollars worth of products the developers really outdo themselves and bring us some real gems. This year's student showcase produced some very nice results. I particularly liked three entries:

Tag: The Power of Paint.
A first person puzzle painting game. Different colors produce different results and ways to solve puzzles and proceed to the next level. Very clever and very well done. Available for free download as well.

A puzzle platformer with really nice graphics. You have got to help out black round friend to overcome obstacles deep in the forest. Unfortunately this one is not yet available for download.It will be though in the following months for the Windows and the Mac platform

The Unfinished Swan
A very nice first person puzzle painter(? lots of painters this year). You walk in a totally white world painting your way through the levels. Watch the video to understand what I am saying.Unfortunately is not available for download.

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