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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Google-Bomb Greek Police

On the evening of Saturday 6th of December in Athens-Greece a special unit policeman shot, for no reason, a 15 year kid, Alexis Grigoropoulos. Alexis died instantly. People from all over Greece and in other countries are on the streets for 5 days now demonstrating against those that steal their dreams, against an unfair economic and social system, against police brutality. Rage is everywhere. The murderous pigs always get away with their crimes. Lets not let that happen this time. Protest to your governments and Greek embassies, send letters to newspapers in your country. Let other people know about this.

Farewell Alexi

Support Greek people in their fight. Google bomb Greek police

On your blogs and sites place a link to the Greek Police web site with anchor text "pigs murderers". If enough links exist, when someone searches for "pigs murderers" on Google, the greek police website will come up.

Copy and paste the following line to your blog or site and forums:

<a href="http://www.astynomia.gr">pigs murderers</a>

it will appear like this:

pigs murderers

Tell your friends that have a blog. Post it on your blogs and sites. Tell your friends. Post it on facebook. Post it on forums

Copy and paste this post directly if you like. Make sure the line of the html link code appears correctly on your post so other people can copy and paste it from you. If you have a problem to use the line to a blog post replace the <> of the link code with &lt; and &gt; respectively

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