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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Star Trek 90210

I suppose that just about every geek in the known universe has seen the Star Trek trailer multiple times, scrutinizing every frame that could possibly violate the holy canon. Around the net, heated discussions take place concerning Enterprise's new look, the glossy revamped bridge, and of course Uhura's boobs (sex in Star Trek? Blasphemy!).

As Commander Sulu would say: "Oh my!"

But is that really the main point? I really don't care how the re-imagined ST looks, I care how it feels. And somehow it reminds me more of a Smallville/Top Gun/Star Wars crossover than the original series... ST wasn't about action and getting stuff blown up, it was more about ideas, optimism and, well, some silly looking aliens. Also, what's this thing that Hollywood has about origin stories recently (Young Hannibal anybody)? I've grown so tired of watching pretty little white boys posing as action stars! Give us the real thing!

Real men. Campy uniforms.

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Eraserheadx said...

There is a new version of the trailer


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