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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Addicted to Civilization IV

I just finished a 10 hour Civilization IV session. That, was long. I do not even know how the time passed. All I remember is getting up in the morning making myself a coffee and sitting for a quick game session before I go to the grocery store. I should have know better. This game is so damn addictive. I have been playing civilization since I was kid. I have played all the game versions and the expansions. Each game I finish I am saying to myself that I will not play for a long time. When I go to bed I start thinking about new strategies to win the game. And the next time I have free hours in my hands everything else are forgotten.

Back when Civilization IV was launched, Firaxis launched a promotional website called Civ Anonymous using it as a marketing trick to advertise the game's addictiveness. There are videos there from supposedly addicted people which were hilarious. After telling to myself during today's session one more turn, one more turn... I remembered that video. I promise that I will not play again for a long time....Enjoy the video.

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