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Monday, October 13, 2008

What is wrong with gmail?

gmailI have been a gmail user for years. In fact, I redirect all my email accounts to it so I can view them from there. Lately, though, I have been having some problems . For starters the whole service is getting slower. No matter what I do it seems to be slower. This might be due to the fact that they have changed the whole thing so all request go through https instead of http after the security hole that was discovered. I do not know, this is just a theory.

Another very annoying thing is that 9 out of 10 times the "view image" functionality does not work. You know..the view image, when there is an image attached on the email. I get a Temporary Error (502). It used to be very helpful to view a single page with all the images attached on it. Now, I have to download the image one by one in order to view them in full resolution. What is up with that?
gmail errorI have been reading that they are making some heavy changes but gmail is in beta since day one and it worked despite the daily changes. Anyway, lets hope that everything will get fixed soon.

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