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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Skip Vista...What's Next?

A few days ago Microsoft announced that the next version of Windows will be called Windows 7. Not a very imaginable name if you ask me but I do not like or dislike an Operating system based on a name. I like it or dislike it based on performance, stability and features just like any other user. Vista lacked all of those things and I am one of the fortunate people that do not use it on my daily life.

Despite Microsoft's efforts to push it into the market Windows Vista is a technological and market failure. It simply sucks. Just after almost two years from its release very few companies have adopted it and even fewer are planning to do so. Most of them are waiting for its successor to move on from XP. Microsoft can just wait and loose money for years or harry out a new release.

The thing is that, up until Vista, all of Microsoft's releases were better than the previous version. None was perfect, but all where better than its predecessor. Vista was failure and for the first time in History Microsoft is loosing millions because of it. Will the new version be a marketing trick to get all those companies to move from XP and fill Microsoft's coffins with coin, or will it really be a better operating system than Vista. Only time will tell.

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