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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quest for glory II remake gets released

AGD Interactive, the guys that brought us the King Quest remakes, finally released the remake for Quest for Glory II: Trial by fire. The game was almost 8 years into development and had many ups and downs, but is finally here. The game gets released for free with the concent of Sierra that developed the original game more 15 years ago. There are differences from the original version that consist of both interface improvments, and puzzle changes.

The game story starts just after the end of the first game Quest for Glory I: So you want to be a hero?. You are now the famous hero that drove away the diabolical witch Baba Yaga (what's with this name?) and her horde of bandits. With your magic carpet you fly to the town of Shaper, a new city looking for a hero..well it figures. For anyone who has not played the original or for all of you, old adventure nostalagic folks out there, I strongly recommened to download it and give it a try. Have fun.

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