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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lord British in space (this title does not make sense)

Ok I know what you are thinking...This doesn't indeed make sense even if you know who Lord British is. Lord British is the alter ego of Richard Garriot, the 80s geek that created Origin Systems and the initial developer and creator of Ultima RPG series. His alter ego was actually a character in-game for the Ultima games.

Origin as we used to know her does not exist anymore, since EA bought her and canceled all the cool game series, namely Ultima, Crusader and Wing Commander. But anyway, this was probably a very good deal since Richard Garriot is filthy rich now and he bought a 30 million dollars ticket for ten days accommodation, plus travel expenses(?) to the International Space Station. This guy's father was an astronaut. This makes you wonder why did he pick the geekiness for fantasy worlds instead of futuristic space worlds. Now, lets play a game ....find the difference between the two images!

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