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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gods Deluxe - the 16-bit masterpiece remake

If you were a kid or a teen in the early nineties you are bound to have played Gods or at least had a friend who was crazy about this game. The old platformer with the hero wearing the weird iron mask is back for even more quality gameplay. The 16-bit Bitmap Brothers masterpiece just received a remake from the French JOTD who faithfully rewrote the whole game with the original levels in Java.

The guy even added 2 levels of his own and provided the rest of us with a level editor to create new levels for the game. I am sure that the fan base (which is considerably large) will produce in the following months even more levels for this gem. You can read a review of the original game and download it from abandonia. To play properly the original game you will need DOSBox. In order to play the remake with the new levels go get it from JOTD's page. Have fun.

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