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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My shiny powerful new Macbook Pro

I got my new computer...a shiny powerful macbook pro. I have been (wet)dreaming about this for a long time. Here in Europe the mac cost as much as in the US as far the absolute price number is concerned. Lately though the dollar exchange rate has dropped very much to euro. Thus buying stuff from the US is very cheap. A cousin of mine studies in NY and when the semester was over and he was about to come home I sent him the money and bought it on my behalf. It cost me 1500 euros which is very cheap in comparison to the 2500 euros that it would cost me here. Hoorey!

macbook pro

The machine itself is awesome. Using a mac mini at home for years now I had been sick of seeing the spinning ball of death. The poor mini, as much as I love it, was showing its age. Back at work I have a powerhouse but at home I could not even watch an HD video on the mini. I had to use another machine for that or for heavy stuff like gaming. I can now run Azureus, Neoffice, iTunes Firefox and Safari each with 10 tabs open and the machine does not even stall for a moment. Revelation! Power, I need more power!

Since this was my first Intel Mac I have to say I am impressed. I even installed bootcamp to install windows on it to play some not available for mac games. Everything worked flawlessly. A soon as I got I installed everything I could not run on my mini just to get that out of my system.

I have some small complaints. Where is the damn delete button? And I do not mean the button the says delete and it is right in front of me as I type this line. On the keyboard I do not know how to delete a character from the left...no I do not mean a backspace delete..the other side. Oh well. Another small concern that does not have to with the macbook pro itself but with Mac OS X Leopard. I do not like how spaces work. In my Linux box at work I can assign a key combination (using either Gnome or KDE) to the next desktop on the left or on the right. With spaces I can only assign absolute desktop numbers to a key combination. Go figure. I suppose I cannot have it all. Anyways...this machine kicks serious ass.

As a game geek that I am, the first thing I did was to install openVPN in order to be able to play online with friends. We have set up a small game server back at the office that we use to play LAN games from our houses. In a few minutes I had openVPN, teamspeak and Warcraft 3 installed ready to play. The next thing I will do is to install eclipse, jboss and liferay on it to have it ready for battle. I want to see in how many minutes (or seconds) jboss will need to boot with the portal engine on it. I will see about that; In the meantime I will enjoy my new macbook pro. Awesome!

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