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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Scull is 100% Indy

Indiana Jones and the kingdom of crystal scull posterI was still in elementary school when I went to the cinema to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and I have to admit that Indy is one of my favorite movie and video game heroes. Throughout these years the whole franchise was something sacred and classic to me so I was very excited and a little bit afraid to go and watch the new installment to the series. I mean, after all these years of rumors, of anticipation and hype build, I was skeptical. I did not want to watch a movie that would ruin it for me like pretty much the Phantom Menace had done with Star Wars. Fortunately Lucas learned from his mistakes. After watching it I have to say that the Kingdom of Crystal scull is 100% Indy. It is a joy ride from start to finish. Lucas and Spielberg did a fantastic job.

Harrison Ford may be older by due to the script that actually delivers. We see an old, wise and done it all Indiana Jones that can still kick serious ass. Throughout the movie we find out about what Indy had been doing during and after the war. In a memorable scene Indy tells an archeology student that in order to be a good archeologist he has to get out of the library. Fortunately Indy does exactly that in this movie, as well, in magnificent sceneries in the Amazon forest and Peru Mountains.
Scene from Indiana Jones and kindom of crystal scull
All the classic elements are here: Car chases, a strong script, lots of humor and adventuring. The first movie had snakes, the second had bugs and the third had rats. For those wandering what the “phobia” of this episode is, it is ants. Giant cannibal ants and lots of them. There are various references to the previous movies that fans would enjoy. During the first scenes Indy makes a havoc at an army warehouse where we are treated with a glimpse of the Arc of the Covenant. At later scene Indy refuses to grab a snake in order to get himself out of a moving-sand pit (“Snakes. I hate Snakes”).

Our favorite professor is back and he is still kicking ass. If you want to spend an evening of great cinema, do yourself a favor and go and watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of Crystal Scull. You will leave the cinema with a smile on your face, whistling the theme, feeling the same way you felt when you were a kid watching great Indiana Jones adventures.

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